An Earth friendly case for the stylish and eco conscious soul

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Nativacase, an Earth friendly alternative

It is estimated that 1.5 billion phone cases are sold each year. Can you imagine 1.5 billion plastic cases in a landfill right now?

Nativacase makes a great alternative to protect your phone, as well as the planet. When its useful life comes to an end, it can be placed in a home compost and will start breaking down within a span of months, turning into worm food. How good is that!

In addition to this, we are donating 1% of the profits to an Australian charity specialized in nature conservation as well as planting 1 tree for each case sold.

Gorgeous minimalist phone case that seems very durable and keeps my phone well protected. Very happy with my purchase!

Nina, Melbourne

Love it. Great case. It has a little lip that protects the screen and the camera lenses on the back. Also arrived very quickly from when I ordered it which was great as I had a brand new phone with no case

Bree, Victoria

Such a great concept. I love the colour range, the quality of the cases and the plastic-free packaging.100% recommendable!

Laura, Brisbane